TOYA Policy Statement

TOYA (Trails Only Yukon Association) held our initial public meeting May 6, 2010.   Since that time, TOYA undertook a survey and petition of 713 residences in the Whitehorse area.  The petition focused on the need for legislation to provide formal guidance regarding ATV use in the territory, and specifically the 4 principles noted below.

71% of respondents signed the petition
13% were undecided
16% were opposed

Our mandate and goals remain the four principles stated at our public meeting.

We advocate for:

1.  Designated trails in the Yukon Wilderness
The Yukon is a vast land with thousands of kilometers of existing roads and trails that might well be suitable as designated trails.  TOYA believes that these designations are best left to Government through a public consultation process with special consideration given to wildlife and habitat protection.

2.   Off Road Vehicle Legislation
TOYA supports appropriate legislation to provide certainty for ATV users while ensuring protection for the environment.

3.  Effective enforcement
Legislation requires effective enforcement to support initiatives.  Enforcement has been effective in other jurisdictions and can be developed and implemented for an area as unique as the Yukon as well.

4. Education
Education can be very helpful for those who ride responsibly and respect the environment.   TOYA supports this as one component of overall policy initiatives.