Recommendations of the YTG Select Committee

The Select Committee on the Safe Operation and Use of Off-road Vehicles put forward 14 recommendations based on the contribution of those individuals and organizations who expressed their views to the Committee at public hearings, through written submissions, and by completion of the opinion survey.

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Letter to the Editor

To the Editor

Regarding ATV management. Here is an important question.
Going into the coming consultations what is going to be the priority and
what is going to be our mindset?

We were recently honored to be invited to  give a presentation to
the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board and afterwards, the
chairperson, Harvey Jessup spoke very eloquently to us about their focus
of concern which is the protection of habitat and wildlife.

We listened carefully because in the coming  ATV management
consultations – if we start the conversation with  protected habitat and
wildlife being the first priority  – that conversation is likely to  end
well with reasonable and sensible solutions that benefit our wilderness
and ultimately our children and ourselves.

If,  on the other hand,  the conversation and mindset  begins  with
me and my machine being the first priority – that conversation may  not
result in the  wise stewardship of  wildlife, habitat and the wilderness
that we  all hope for.

So -I think it would be wise to listen to the admonition from the
Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board on this one – Habitat and
Wildlife protection comes first.

On behalf of the Trails Only Yukon Association,

Vern Peters, Ken Taylor, Philip Merchant, Peter Harms, Tony
Grabowski, Ellen Johnson, Manfred Hoefs