ORV Regulations  Survey  2019


The Yukon Government is conducting an  ORV Use Survey (concluding April 8, 2019)

The purpose is to gather perspective on its proposed approach to regulating ORV use in Yukon. 


In light of this, TOYA has developed the following Survey Help Documents:

For background information and further context on this process, please see:


TOYA Political Strategy – 2011 Territorial Election

Foundational Principles

  1. Our approach must be absolutely non-partisan in terms of the Parties and candidates.
  2. We must be scrupulously fair and respectful in our treatment of the parties and candidates.
  3. We must be honest and transparent in all activities – no tricks or gimmicks.
  4. Our goal must be to influence policy direction, not electoral results.

The Strategy

Keeping in mind the foundational principles that I have proposed above, our strategy should attempt to force each individual candidate to go “on the record” with a commitment to several key, unambiguous policy choices that TOYA is promoting. We should also attempt to get the parties to commit to those same policy choices within the five-year mandate that this election will provide.

Specifically, we should do the following: Pre-writ:

  1. In the time between now and the dropping of the writ, we should determine what the “... key, unambiguous policy choices ...” should be for TOYA.
  2. We should prepare and print a simple questionnaire that clearly spells out our policy choices for candidates and the parties to fill out.
  3. We should prepare an information packet for the parties and candidates to support our point of view in case the candidates are unaware of what we are trying to accomplish, or have been confused by our opponents.
  4. We should inform the political parties of our response to the Standing Committee Report, and also candidates as they are nominated.
  5. We should inform the political parties and candidates that we will be tracking their responses to our questionnaire in a series of advertisements in the newspapers. (See below)

30-day writ period:

  1. We should run a series of report card style advertisements in the newspaper(s) showing the responses, or non-responses to our questionnaire from the candidates and political parties.
  2. We should inform our members almost daily of the updated report card so they can talk to candidates on the doorstep.
  3. We should provide our members with some key talking points to emphasize on the doorstep with candidates.
  4. We should attend the leaders debates and attempt to ask a carefully crafted question or two to try to get them on the record in that forum.
  5. We should release the results of a Datapath survey just prior to the debate.
  6. We should run a powerful, full page advertisement in the newspapers on the Friday prior to voting day with a final pitch to voters, candidates, and parties promoting our “... key, unambiguous policy choices ...” and advising the public to vote strategically on this most important issue for the future of our territory.


1. Meet with the next Environment Minister as soon as possible after the swearing in of the new government to begin to build a relationship and also to offer to help with the next phase of this project.