ORV Regulations  Survey  2019


The Yukon Government is conducting an  ORV Use Survey (concluding April 8, 2019)

The purpose is to gather perspective on its proposed approach to regulating ORV use in Yukon. 


In light of this, TOYA has developed the following Survey Help Documents:

For background information and further context on this process, please see:


1981    Government contacted resident hunters •    1800 responded •    85.6% wanted ATVs restricted in some manner •    43%^ wanted their use eliminated entirely

1997    Government contacted resident sheep hunters •    105 of 187 responded •    79% gave comments as follows
o 26% wanted ATVs banned o 39% wanted them restricted o 14% felt they could be used to manage hunters in crowded areas

2008    Fish and Wildlife Management board asked, “Should there be controlled access routes and/or elevation restrictions for ATVs to protect habitat?”
•    163 respondented to this questions •    88% supported ATV restrictions

2010    Trails Only Yukon Association undertook a door-to-door random survey of residences in the Whitehorse area to gauge support for designated ATV trails.
•    713 people were contacted in 20 areas of Whitehorse •    71% supported Designated trails •    13% expressed no opinion •    16% were opposed