ORV Regulations  Survey  2019


The Yukon Government is conducting an  ORV Use Survey (concluding April 8, 2019)

The purpose is to gather perspective on its proposed approach to regulating ORV use in Yukon. 


In light of this, TOYA has developed the following Survey Help Documents:

For background information and further context on this process, please see:


Be an active participant:

  • Become a Member of  TOYA
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  • Attend our bi-annual information/rally meetings in May and November
  • Write an e-mail or letter to your MLA, Minister of Environment and the Premier. Here is a list of contact emails
  • Write a letter to local newspapers. Here is a list of contact emails
  • Document ATV damage by  photographing it , recording the date, location and  and submit an Incident Report.
  • Involve your children – in a large part we’re doing this to ensure they can enjoy wilderness the way we have been able to. It is a great opportunity for them to see that young people can, as concerned citizens, change outcomes and make a difference.


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