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and Resulting Damage Visible the Following Year:




Analysis of Party Positions on ATV Management

Trails Only Yukon Association – has worked with the parties to provide Yukon voters with as clear a picture as possible of what those parties will do regarding ATV management in our wilderness if elected on November 7, 2016. Through a series of newspaper ads we have shone a light on what the various politicians have done in the past – and what they are now promising to do in the future. This is our analysis of their plans and promises along with a mark for their efforts.

Analysis of Party Positions [PDF - 1.3 MB]

Voters Urged to Ask Candidates About ORV Rules

 [Whitehorse Star November 2, 2016 ]

Voters should know the position of each political party regarding access to the hinterland by off-road vehicles (ORVs), say representatives of the Trails Only Yukon Association.

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Environment forum confirms Yukon parties' stands on Peel plan


Click on the links below to view the Questions for Candidates and the MLA Report card.


TOYA asked the four running Parties the following four following questions.

Question #1
If elected, will you support and promote a proactive approach or a complaints-driven process for managing ATV's in the Yukon wilderness? 

Question #2
If elected, will you support and promote a comprehensive plan for the whole territory or a piecemeal plan covering just the already damaged areas?

Question #3
If elected, will you support and promote the mandatory registration of all ATV's in the Yukon?

Question #4
If elected, will you support and promote the enactment of necessary legislation and regulations to effectively manage ATV's in the Yukon wilderness within the first 24 months of a new government mandate?

Click on the Party logos below to read their responses:

Who are we?

We are a broad-based coalition of Yukon people and organizations that is deeply concerned about the effects of the proliferation of ATV’s and their use in the wild lands of the Yukon. Many of us either own or have used ATV’s ourselves and recognize the right of owners and enthusiasts to use these machines in legitimate and sustainable ways, be it for hunting, work, wilderness exploration, or just plain recreational joy.

We base all our efforts on the values of responsibility, wise stewardship and the desire to leave a legacy for the next generation of a pristine wilderness environment.

Our goals are:

  1. Designated ATV trails in the Yukon wilderness
  2. ATV legislation
  3. Effective enforcement
  4. Education

Specific concerns include:

1.    Damage to fragile alpine and wetlands
2.    Harassment, disturbance and displacement of wildlife
3.    Over-harvest in accessed areas
4.    Cutting of new trails


ATV REGULATIONS SURVEY RESULTS - posted January 14, 2016

Online ATV Regulations Survey

In support of the Yukon Government's efforts to consult with Yukon people before developing Regulations to manage ATV's, TOYA created a more user-accessible format and survey document which was made available to the public on the TOYA website. The results of this survey are contained in the following summary. For full disclosure of the raw data and comments made by the public and submitted by TOYA to the Yukon Government, see the Excel attachment below:

Summary of Results of TOYA ATV Regulation Consultation Document (pdf)

Excel Document Containing All Responses to the Online Survey (xlsx)

ATV Access Effects on Moose Population

 Biologist Shawn Taylor with Environment Yukon believes that the decline in past years of moose populations could be attributed to hunters who were able to get to moose pastures, miles from roads or trails, with all terrain vehicles.


ATV Legislation Questions: April 18, 2016

Transcript of an exchange between Jim Tredger, Yukon NDP MLA for Mayo-Tatchun and Minister Scott Kent,  Energy, Mines and Resources and  Highways and Public Works in the Yukon Legislature April 18, 2016.

ATV Questions in Legislature Mon.April 18, 2016.